Air duct cleaning

Who Needs Air Duct Cleaning

All HVAC systems that have air forced or gravity fead are systems that benefit from air duct cleaning

Duct cleaning should be done when dust is visible in the intake of the furnace or air returns, or between 1-4 filter changes

Benefits of duct cleaning and sanitizing ducts

*Clean ducts increases life of HVAC system and performance as well as produces heather  indoor air.

*Removes any pollen or unwanted items inside the ducts and HVAC system 

Sanitizer is a mist we spray into the hvac system to kill any dust mites,mold,bacterra, and odors.

Only side-effect cant turn on system for 3-5 hours to let sanitizer dry up 

Tools we use

We use the Rootbrush air+ system produces high pressure suction all rooms or ducts. 

Its design to clean all type of HVAC systems and ducts. 


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