Dryer Vent cleaning

Signs Of Needed Cleaning

New dryer has a warning flow sensor ( if dryer notices a flow issues dryer wont work sometime gives codes).

When it take over 1 full cycle to dry the clothes is a good sign the dryer vent is in need of cleaning.

Benefits Of A Clean Dryer Vent

Clean vent keeps run time down and make dryer more energy efficient witch saves money 

Clean vent increases the life of the dryer ( clogged vent burns out dryers)

Mind of ease that your home wont be the 15000+ home a year that have dryer vent fires

How We Clean Dryer Vents

We have many options for tools for clean any type of dryer vent

 Popluar methods: 

*Dryer vent Snake (up to 34 ft)

*High pressure blow out (Up to 225 mph)

*Reverse air method